Software iSoftBet
Reels 5
Paylines 24
Bet Range 1 – 300
RTP 96.96

iSoftBet has recently released a captivating video slot game called Find the Diamonds. This exciting game made its debut on February 15th, 2023, and has already garnered significant attention and admiration from both seasoned gamblers and passionate slot enthusiasts.

In general, this slot game offers a delightful and fulfilling experience. Now, let us provide you with a concise summary of our personal encounter while playing Find the Diamonds.

Find the Diamonds Formats

Find the Diamonds is a game that offers two options for playing: free or with real money, based on your personal preference. Below is a summary of the available formats:

Find the Diamonds Demo

You can access a free demo version of Find the Diamonds. This demo version offers all the same features as the premium version, ensuring a delightful user experience.

The demo version of this game offers the advantage of being free to play, allowing unlimited access using virtual credits. Additionally, some online casinos offer the option to play the demo version without requiring registration. In conclusion, our evaluation finds the demo version to be on par with the premium version in terms of quality.

Find the Diamonds Real Money

In addition, there is an option to engage in a deluxe edition of Find the Diamonds by utilizing actual currency, for a chance to secure cash prizes and thrilling incentives. The mechanics of this slot game are straightforward: locate additional diamonds within the 5X5 grid to enhance the Win Multiplier, all while skillfully evading any mines.

On the other hand, mines outnumber diamonds, and encountering one results in setbacks.

The gameplay of this slot is highly adaptable, allowing you to personalize various settings according to your preferences. You have the flexibility to customize your bet sizes and even determine the number of mines on the grid. Increasing the number of mines will accelerate the growth of the Win Multiplier, while reducing the number of mines will have the opposite effect.

The wager amount can range from $1 to $300. You have the opportunity to multiply your initial wager by anywhere from 1.01X to 282X. It’s worth noting that the winnings increase progressively as you keep playing instead of cashing out.

Technical Analysis

To gain insight into what to anticipate and determine the best strategy, it is beneficial to examine the features and technical specifications of a slot. Below is a concise breakdown of Find the Diamonds.

Find the Diamonds RTP

Find the Diamonds offers two options for return-to-player (RTP) rates: 94% and 96.96%. In comparison to other slot games, these RTP ratings are quite high, providing players with increased chances of winning and larger payouts.

Find the Diamonds Features 

The Diamonds possess numerous impressive features, which include:

Pick & Click 

Playing Find the Diamonds is a breeze. The game’s design revolves around selecting a square on the grid and simply clicking on it to uncover the concealed symbol. We discovered that this approach is not only effortless but also immensely enjoyable, particularly for those who are new to the game.

Customizable Grid 

Additionally, we have discovered that it is possible to personalize specific vital configurations in order to determine the symbols displayed on the grid. Notably, you have the ability to select the desired quantity of mines (represented by Red Cards) that will appear on the grid. The available options for the number of mines are one, two, three, five, seven, ten, or 15.

Increasing the number of mines will accelerate the growth of your Win Multiplier, but it will also heighten the associated risks.

Remaining Picks / Found 

The Remaining Picks feature is a useful tool for calculating the remaining number of picks to be made. Similarly, the Found feature is a complementary tool that calculates the number of diamonds discovered out of the total number of diamonds available.

During our analysis, we discovered that these features can significantly contribute to enhancing your betting strategy, particularly when participating in extended gameplay.

Cash Out Option 

Cashing out is as simple as playing! With the Cash-Out feature, you can see the current value of your prizes. We value the freedom to cash out whenever you want, once you hit a diamond.

In addition, by continuing to play, you have the opportunity to increase your winnings. Moreover, it is important to consider that the processing times and terms for withdrawals vary depending on the online casino you are using.

Find the Diamonds Layout 

The game called Find the Diamonds is played on a grid that is 5X5 in size, consisting of five reels, five rows, and a total of 25 squares. Each square on the grid contains a symbol that is not visible. This slot game includes only two symbols, namely a diamond and a mine.

Additionally, it should be mentioned that the slot does not include traditional pay lines or win ways. In general, we discovered the layout to be well-organized, and the timeless design adds to the surreal atmosphere.

Our Experience With Find the Diamonds

In conclusion, our experience with Find the Diamonds was fun and enjoyable. The premium version of the game can also offer potentially rewarding outcomes, although this relies on luck. We suggest this game to slot enthusiasts who wish to play for entertainment or with real money.

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