Tiger Rush Slot

Software Thunderkick
Reels 5
Paylines 10
Bet Range 0.10 – 100
RTP 96.3
Bonus Rounds Yes
Free Spins Yes
Jackpot Yes

Throughout ancient Asian culture, the tiger has consistently been regarded as a creature possessing extraordinary power, captivating beauty, and remarkable intelligence. In Chinese culture specifically, the tiger has been revered as a symbol of immense bravery, unwavering determination, and boundless strength, encompassing both the spiritual and physical realms.

Review of Tiger Rush

Thunderkick has taken inspiration from the captivating and enigmatic Great Tiger for their newest slot game, Tiger Rush. This Asian themed slot machine may seem straightforward at first glance, but it offers remarkable complexity and potential as you uncover its hidden features. Thunderkick, the creators, are the best to convey the essence of their slot machine, as they invite you to embrace the assistance of the majestic Asian Tiger in pursuit of a significant victory!

Visual & Sound Design

Although Thunderkick is known for their stunning and captivating online and mobile slots, their newest release, Tiger Rush, may not immediately meet those expectations. The backdrop of the Tiger Rush slot machine features a painted bamboo forest that appears so delicate and ethereal that it could easily be mistaken for a watercolour painting. However, what immediately catches your attention is the beautiful score and ambient forest sounds, which, when combined with the bamboo forest motif, enrich the Asian theme of the slot.

At first glance, the slot imagery appears to be incredibly simple, resembling etched jelly beans in various colors. However, upon closer inspection, these elements seem to correspond with a selection of precious and semi-precious stones from the Chinese Zodiac, which are often associated with birthstones.

  • The yellow stone is etched, perfectly matching the yellow Topaz.
  • The red Garnet aligns perfectly with the carved red stone.
  • The exquisite purple gemstone perfectly resonates with the majestic Amethyst stone.
  • The dazzling Peridot perfectly harmonizes with the luminescent green stone.
  • The delicate aquamarine stone subtly harmonizes with a gentle shade of blue.

What we found to be interesting was that the other two remaining slot symbols also demanded the same attention.

  • In Asian mythology and culture, birds have played various significant roles, ranging from ominous harbingers of death to joyful messengers of good luck. The etching depicted here appears to be that of a songbird, which continues to be cherished as a companion in China even in the present time.
  • The Chrysanthemum, a stunning flower frequently employed in Asian culture, carries a profound meaning of longevity and rejuvenation.

Contrary to being insignificant placeholders, these basic symbols hold profound significance in the culture and mythology that Thunderkick embraced to build their Tiger Rush slot game.

Bonus Features

Tiger Rush is fearless when it comes to high stakes. It is a 5×3 Reel with 10 fixed paylines in the base game, paying both ways in all game modes. But for those seeking adventure, it allows bets up to €100 per spin! The real excitement begins with the Tiger Rush Bonus Game, as who really plays for the base game anyway? You can trigger the Bonus Game by landing 2 Scatter symbols or by landing 1 Scatter symbol next to a Wild symbol. This greatly increases your chances of activating this bonus feature.

When you enter the Bonus Game, you’ll quickly see two notable differences on the reels. Firstly, the background changes to a fiery red forest, creating a dramatic atmosphere. Secondly, the three center reels expand from three to five, giving you more chances to win! Not only does the play area increase in size, but the fixed paylines, which still pay both ways, also increase from 10 to 25! In the Tiger Rush Bonus Game, you have the opportunity to activate more free spins. This can be done by landing Wild symbols on the reels or by landing specific combinations of 2 Scatters or 1 Scatter next to a Wild. All of these combinations will grant you additional free games, increasing your chances of winning!

Before we delve into the jackpots available on Tiger Rush, it’s worth mentioning two fantastic features of the exquisitely painted Tiger Wilds.

  1. The Wilds are increasing their presence, occupying not only the three symbols in the base game but also all five symbol slots in the Bonus Game.
  2. Whenever a wild symbol appears, it will immediately initiate a free respin. This feature guarantees that the fortunate tiger grants you an excellent opportunity to obtain fantastic rewards. Moreover, the spin that ensues after triggering an expanding wild is completely free!


The jackpots in Tiger Rush’s base game are quite underwhelming. It would have been more exciting if they had included some random multipliers to enhance the smaller payouts. The bird symbol offers the highest base game payout of just 15 times your bet, with the Chrysanthemum symbol being the only other one in the double digits at 10 times. Beyond that, the payouts drop significantly, with the lowest value purple stone only offering a measly 1.4 times multiplier.

The real excitement begins when you activate the Tiger Rush Bonus Game! This feature expands the reels and paylines, increasing them from 10 to 25. Additionally, you get the advantage of extra free games during this mode. What’s more, the inclusion of expanding Wilds adds to the thrill by triggering free respins whenever they show up on the reels. It’s safe to say that the jackpot potential of Tiger Rush becomes enormous during the Bonus Game!

Thunderkick lists the highest recorded jackpot win on Tiger Rush during the Bonus Game as an astonishing 1750 times your bet! If you choose to bet €100 per spin, you could potentially walk away with an incredible €175,000.00 from just one spin! The ultimate goal would be to land this remarkable €175,000.00 prize during a free spin triggered by an expanding Wild or Bonus Game combination.

Closing Thoughts

Although Thunderkick has undoubtedly developed a slot machine with a captivating narrative and the potential to award a substantial jackpot, we do not advise dedicating too much time to this game. It is worth giving it a try to immerse yourself in its distinctive atmosphere and possibly become the fortunate player who secures a significant win. However, Tiger Rush lacks the same level of excitement as some of its competitors and does not offer the same mega jackpot experience. If you are seeking the thrill of mega jackpots, we recommend exploring our selection of recommended High Roller slots instead.

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